3x 45x 3 led handheld reading magnifier

As we get older so do our eyes. Seeing things clearly slowly becomes more difficult. Reading that fine print is difficult as it is and having trouble reading it does not necessarily mean we need to use glasses. Sometimes it really is just too small. Luckily there is a solution there are all sorts of magnifying devices on the market and some have excellent features like checking to see if money is . This is a 3 in one magnifying glass.? It has a sturdy design and a real glass lens. It is scratch resistant and can magnify up to 3 times. It makes reading that tiny text super easy and can even light up what your reading to make it even easier. The lens is big enough; 60mm. It contains 5 low energy super bright LED lights. It even has a black light LED (ultra-violet) that can be used to check whether your bills are or not. It is a great tool everyone should have in their home whether they want to burn insects or read small print this will get the job done for sure. This quality product is made to last you the rest of your life. It��s small and compact and can be taken with you anywhere and priced to sell. Not to mention it is shipped worldwide to your door at no extra cost. ? - Model: TH-600558 - Color: Black - Material: ABS + glass - 3X magnifier - Lens diameter: 60mm - Contains 5-LED white light and money detector LED light - Powered by 4 x AG10 batteries (included)

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