exclusive purple standard hdmi 2 0 flat long certified cable wire male to male 15m 20m 4k 2k 3d ethernet 15 20 meters by dhl

Super Transfer Speed This product adopts the latest version(1.4v)it supports super transfer speed which is up to 21Gbps.Silver-plated serials even can be 30Gbps.At the same time it can easily support 4K*2K high video resolution which is 4 times than a 1080P display. The specific formats it can support are as follow:3840×2160 24Hz/25Hz/30Hz and 4096×2160 24Hz. HDMI Ethernet Channel The built-in HDMI Ethernet channel realizes network share without any other Ethernet cable and enables the high speed data transfer between the sender and receiver which is up to 100MPS. At the same time it also offers the necessary interconnection for the DMI device resource sharing. Additonal Color Spaces This product provides native suppprt for three additional color spaces:sYCC601Adobe RGB and Adobe YCC601 which could make the color more accurate and vivid. Audio Return Channel The HDMI cable can send the HDTV audio data to the A/V receiver directly eliminating the needs for any separate S/PDIF audio connection. 3D Over HDMI Super transfer speed can easily meet the transfer demands of Blue-ray disk & 3D format high-capacity movies and giant games. Application Apply to the port of HDTV Home Theater DVD player projector BD Blu-ray PS3 Xbox360 and other HDMI devicesetc

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