silent wire hdmi reference mk3 hdmi cable 5 0m

24K gold plated plug dust cover protection HDMI connector: A type 19-pin female(14*4.5mm) plug and play stable signal transmission; Anaerobic copper conductor used tin plating line 28 core. Special shielding signal wire pair with 125% of the aluminum foil outer use high-density woven mesh screen; Fully support 720 1080 I 1080 p and 2K x 4K digital signal format; Support 3 d and Ethernet. Ensure perfect transmission 1080 p plus TrueHD DTSHD next generation audio tracks. Usage: Computer the PS3 / XBOX BD high-definition blu-ray machine player digital TV plasma TV LCD TV plasma TV projector camera DV camera on cable TV box AV processor audio DVD players monitors video games and so on.

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